I am so very happy to have God in my life. I’m grateful to all of my spiritual teachers for their mercy!! Without God and guru I got nothin going for me, and with them, life is perfect.

I love God and I’m glad my life doesn’t suck in total darkness! Also please pray for my dad who is in the hospital, thank you!

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Falling in love with who ever last read these collected essays of Aldous Huxley. What they chose to underline.. Damn!


Imperial army duting the sino japanese war


Imperial army duting the sino japanese war


Ugh the western mentality is frankly disgusting. You have these partially bearded men on horseback, talking dirty and looking for gold. The time they spend outside of the saloon is always at either hangings or shootouts. Women are treated like ‘neighboring chiefton’s daughter’…

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what can i say, i’m rusty

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I think the madden meme generator might have been the final push I needed to truly delete my blog


How do i take non-basic selfies lol